06 June 2010

CBC Q & Jian Ghomeshi: Chicks and the City

Chicks and the City

Should city dwellers be allowed to raise chickens? The latest flashpoint in the great urban chicken debate is Calgary, where a city committee has voted down a pilot proposal. On Friday, Jian spoke to two Calgarian mayoral candidates on opposite sides of the issue, including the former head of CLUCK - the Canadians Liberating Urban Chickens Klub. What side of the chicken wire fence do you stand on? Are urban chickens good for cities?

full url: http://www.cbc.ca/q/blog/2010/06/04/chicks-and-the-city/

CLUCK: Canadian Liberated Urban Chicken Klub facebook
full url: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=68948494632


  1. I heard the interview mentioned here, and was quite impressed. Jian is a great interviewer, often able to get to the heart of the matter with great ease.

    I have written on the Chicken Question on my blog: Does Calgary Hate Chickens?. But I am wondering: is there any way that I can find information on the Council committee that made the decision? I've trolled through the City of Calgary website, but there is absolutely zero information. So much for transparent government!?

  2. This is the Committee listing on the City of Calgary website... http://bcconline.calgary.ca/publish/bcc.aspx?id=84

    Pretty much says whatever you might want to know, I figure.