22 June 2010

Calgary City Council: Fact loses to Fear... Again!??!

We all see and hear that the interrelated issues of chickens/food/household food security/community food security/food justice/local food systems/sustainable agriculture are being discussed not only in Calgary, but across North America & Globally. Myopically, Calgary city council has turned their antiintellectual/antiscience back on our very own proud agrarian heritage and has wittingly endorsed industrial, factory, caged, agribusiness practices.
Regardless of political positioning, food transcends all issues. The inability of city council to:

1. Educate themselves on this issue
2. Defer to unanimously endorsed Federal, Provincial & City Policy recognizing Article 25
3. Support Science Based approaches (Pilot Project)
4. Acknowledge the receipt of 100's of letters of support
5. Disconnect themselves from fear & hearsay
6. Understand Household Food Security

only serves to illustrate the chasm that exists in comprehending this complex issue.

We know:

1. The matter of a Right to Food, represented in this instance by our hens, is going to court.
2. The Food Policy Report is being presented to Calgary Council on 30June10.
3. That regardless of your affiliation, CLUCK, CFPC, SlowFood, CGRN, EAC, AFMA, GFSA, FSC, et al, Food Policy is the common ground where we all come together.

The process to have 99.9% of our population dependent on Industrial Food has taken some 50-70+ years to engineer. This system will not be dismantled anytime soon, but we can begin the process of individually & independently disconnecting ourselves from the Industrial Food Production System by supporting personal and local food policy organizational initiatives.

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