12 September 2009

Calgary "anti Urban Ag" Bylaw 27: Calgary woman to fight ticket for keeping livestock in city - chickens

Calgary woman to fight ticket for keeping livestock in city - chickens

Woman runs afowl of bylaw

Calgary woman to fight ticket for keeping livestock in city - chickens
(CP) CALGARY — A woman is going to fight a ticket in court for keeping livestock in her Calgary yard.

The woman keeps a few chickens on her property for eggs and to reduce organic waste.

She's not the only one - Paul Hughes has four chickens in his yard and he is a member of the "Calgary Liberated Urban Chicken Klub," also known as CLUCK.

CLUCK wants changes to the city bylaw to allow people to keep six hens or fewer on their property.

Hughes says Calgary should be feeding itself and more people want the option to grow their own food.

But Ald. Bob Hawkesworth says the city is a long way away from making changes that allow urban livestock.

"There is an issue obviously around food security and the cost of food and it's a movement that's growing in cities all over North America," said Hawkesworth.

"But there are so many aspects to it, from community gardens to urban livestock and I think some of the easier issues to address are the urban gardens and how we can grow our food."

Woman runs afowl of bylaw
Members of a local group advocating for changes to a city livestock bylaw are crying fowl after a woman was fined $200 for keeping hens in her backyard.

The woman, a member of CLUCK, Calgary Liberated Urban Chicken Klub, was issues the ticket for keeping four chickens.

CLUCK, including founder Paul Hughes, whose group is advocating for changes to the bylaw to allow raising six chickens with no noisy roosters, plan to fight the fine in court next month.

"In light of a right to food and the fact the city of Calgary does not have a food strategy for all Calgarians, we think this is wrong," he said.

28 August 2009

Event Tonight: THE DEVICE TO ROOT OUT STINK! Support Ramsay residents... Say NO to Lilydale Chicken Slaughterhouse...

Contact Lilydale President Ed Rodenburg @ 780.472.4801 or email: ed.rodenburg@lilydale.com

Ramsay residents fight chicken with chicken

This amazing contraption is guaranteed to rid any neighbourhood of the most noxious odours ever whiffed. And it's coming to Ramsay!
Come down, be astounded and confounded! Breathe easy and smell how beautiful air can be! Even in summer!

WHEN: Friday Aug 28!
6:30 - neighbourhood potluck bbq & family egg games
7:30 - unveiling of the remarkable DEVICE TO ROOT OUT STINK
8:30 - outdoor screening of "Chicken Run", with free popcorn for first 100 people!
note: a gas bbq will be provided, please bring something to grill

WHERE: In the Field to the south of St Anne's School, in Ramsay, behind the Shamrock.
Hurst Road & 9 St SE and 21 and 22 Ave SE.

This article is from 2005:

Ramsay residents oppose Lilydale rezoning


Lilydale (Abbotsford) surveillance video of cruelty:
Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals