10 January 2013

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Food Justice, Food Liberty, Food Independence, Food Sovereignty...  

Whatever you choose to call it, CLUCK is a huge part of the Canadian conversation and influencing food/sustainability/resilience/ag policy across Canada and North America.

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The Canadian Right to Food Trial is back in Court of Queen's Bench, Calgary, Alberta, on Friday, 11Jan2013.

17 December 2012

Nenshi: "I support the Urban Hen Egg Laying Pilot Project"

Here's a photo of Naheed Nenshi at the Calgary Food Policy Council's  Mayoral Forum on Food Security and Sustainability two days before becoming elected as Calgary's Mayor, seated beside Jon Lord, another mayoral candidate.
Forum: 16Oct2010
Calgary Civic Election 18Oct2010 
At the forum Naheed Nenshi stated: 
"I support the Urban Hen Egg Laying Pilot Project"

Here's the Huffington Post Blog asking Mayor Nenshi, Calgary City Council and Animal Bylaw Services to resurrect the Urban Hen Egg Laying Pilot Project...

 Resurrect the Urban Hen Egg Laying Pilot Project

Official document from Canadian Food Inspection Agency on Backyard Flocks. For the record, the CFIA has no opposition to Urban Hens.

15 November 2012

CLUCK Canada has a new Facebook Page & Twitter!

Our new Twitter: @CLUCKCanada

Our new Facebook Page: CLUCK Canada

23 August 2012

New Date for Canadian Right to Food Trial Decision: 05Sept2012

Canadian Right to Food Trial Update:Proceeding with the bring forward request to have this matter set for the new date of Wednesday, September 5, 2012 in Courtroom 1106 at 1:30 p.m. Calgary Courthouse.
~Paul FoodJustice Hughes

09 August 2012

08 May 2012

Toronto Chickens issues statement on Canadian Right to Food Trial delay

The Charter Challenge Revised Decision Date 
For IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The working group of backyard chicken owners in Toronto, Toronto Chickens, is committed to challenging any municipal notices given while we await a verdict in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms challenge that has been undertaken by Calgarian Paul Hughes.

Mr. Hughes’ court case challenging his city's bylaws that disallow the possession of urban chickens took place from March 5 to 9th, 2012. Toronto Chickens is eagerly awaiting the judge's decision, which has been delayed until after September 14th.

Toronto Chickens is a large group of Torontonians fighting to revise a bylaw that does not allow citizens the freedom to raise chickens on their property. We are uniting in our front to fight any infraction notices we receive until we have a definitive decision from the Calgary case. We call upon Toronto city councilors and city bylaw officers to suspend enforcement of the animal bylaw pertaining to backyard chickens until the results of this case are determined. This court trial is based on a constitutional challenge and, therefore, the decision will impact all Canadians municipalities.

For further information contact: TorontoChickens@gmail.com